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At Mosquito Hawk Technologies, we offer competitive maintenance plans for all levels of websites.

What is a maintenance plan you may ask? Once a website has been designed, a change or two may need to be made periodically, many changes frequently or somewhere in between. Who will do them for you? Most web designers charge a per hour rate to make any changes to a website, and that rate can sometimes reach $85.00 an hour or higher! With a maintenance plan from Mosquito Hawk, your business pays a quarterly or yearly fee based on the anticipated number of updates you will need. This is a great savings for many businesses and prevents you from wasting your money on several updates billed hourly.

With our valuable maintenance plan, anytime you need an update or modification of any kind, simply email, call or send a messenger pigeon to our office and we guarantee the change will be made within 48 hours. Please contact us for a no obligation quote or consultation.


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