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Mosquito Hawk Technologies is an internet services company founded in 2000 strictly as a web design firm. Since that time, Mosquito Hawk has rapidly developed into a full service design, hosting, and e-commerce provider, as well as registrar of domain names. Our office is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia in the heart of the Roanoke Valley.

You may contact our webmaster by emailing him at

  Mosquito Hawk? Huh?  

If you haven't guessed from our logo, a mosquito hawk is a regionally used word for the common dragonfly. Did you know that the Dictionary of American Regional English lists nearly eighty separate words commonly used to refer to the fantastic dragonfly? It's true. The dragonfly received this nickname due to its voracious appetite for the bane of every outdoor loving individual- the mosquito. They love 'em.

Often used descriptive words for the dragonfly:

mosquito hawk
snake feeder
snake doctor
darning needle
mosquito fly
skeeter hawk
devil's darning needle


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